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Crime Stoppers of Halton pays up to $2000 for tips leading to an arrest
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Methamphetamines in Ontario

Police agencies throughout Ontario have identified an increase in the use, trafficking, importation and production of highly-addictive methamphetamine in Ontario.

Methamphetamine has permeated into communities throughout Ontario. The prevalence of methamphetamine is expected to continue to expand as accessibility and demand grow.

The production, distribution and use of methamphetamine has  serious impacts on community safety and quality of life.  Methamphetamine use is linked to an increase in violent and property crimes in the communities where production, distribution, and use are prevalent.

Seizures of methamphetamine have increased from 15 occurrences in 2015, rising to 890 in 2018.
Methamphetamine remains one of the most common commodities seized by police.

Methamphetamines in Ontario