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Submit a Tip

Calling Our Tip Line

When you call Crime Stoppers, our friendly operator will ask you a few questions to help you recall as many details as possible to enhance the value and usefulness of your tip. We will not ask for any personal information about yourself and we do no use call display or any other phone tracking service.

At the end of the conversation, Crime Stoppers will give you your own TIP ID number and password. This ID number will identify your tip for any future inquiries you may wish to make in following up the status of your tip or even adding details that you may become aware of.

Submitting Your Tip Online

Crime Stoppers programs across Canada use a secure online web portal that allows you to input and save your tip information in a centralized database.

At the end of the online submission process, you will be given a unique TIP ID number and password that identifies your tip.  This ID number can be used to check on the status of your tip or add additional details that may come to mind.

Please note:  If you are involved in an emergency and need police assistance, please do not submit a tip to Crime Stoppers but call 911 immediately.

To submit your tip, please click one of the following options.


Whether submitting your tip online or by phone, please...

  • Include as many details as you can, but do not include any details that might identify you. Crime Stoppers is for submitting anonymous tips.
  • Do not attempt to seek out additional information about a crime on your own. Leave this to investigators.
  • Check in on your tip periodically. As a tipster, Crime Stoppers does not know your identity and has no way of contacting you. It is up to you, the tipster, to check back with Crime Stoppers to see if your information qualifies for a cash reward or if more information is needed.
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